After reading articles about NoSQL you feel like in a zoo. But how to to put NoSQL datastores in enclosures? In the WWW you will find different criterias. But no one (i’ve found) tells you the best matching application for a specific datastore.  For myself i extracted the following two enclosures. The parking-lots and the graze’s.  I know there are differnet hardware-constraint-approaches like in-memory datastores (don’t get me wrong, i really like those datastores), but these approaches are not really new – only boosted by hardware.

Parking lots are those, like MongoDB, which you use to pump in a business object and get it 1:1 out. Of course MongoDB, and other datastores in this enclosure, support interesting indexing features.

In comparision to parking lots the graze datastores are quite powerful for mining data. You will not pump in business objects for retrieving these 1:1 out. You use graze datastores, like HBase, if you intend to make use of the specific aggregation and/or extraction operations.